(check my bio in my Instagram to see if there are open spots)

My sponsorship approval has gotten more strict due to some folks taking advantage!


The only way I determine eligibility is through your Instagram page. Instagram tells me a lot about a persons involvement in the car scene. It tells me if they go to car shows, how often, and how many people are engaged in their posts. I can't rely on anything else, anyone who is hardcore in the car scene, has an instagram. Sponsorship is about exposure, but most importantly, its about making the company revenue. 

  • Must have 6,000+ followers to be considered. NOT BOTS. Real followers.
  • Must own your car for at least 1yr. 
  • Must have great engagement. (Likes and comments). 
  • Must show pictures of car show attendance.
  • Must tag me.
  • Must send me pictures which can be used on any of my social media platform and website.
  • Must post car often!!  4-5 times a week. 
  • I have to like you  (I mean duh).

Meeting the above requirements does not mean you're automatically going to be sponsored.